Emergency Support  


Domestic Violence

Since January 2010, the Protection from Domestic Violence Ordinance in Hong Kong has covered same-sex cohabitants. Victims under this law are protected and entitled to receive social support.

Domestic Violence is not only restricted to physical violence, but also includes verbal and emotional abuse, being threatened with the disclosure of your sexual identity, not allowing a partner to make friends, the destruction of one’s precious belongings, being expelled from home, financial restrictions etc.

Some victims have even experienced discrimination from the police and mainstream social welfare organizations, the very people who are set-up to help us.
Even though Rainbow of Hong Kong has limited resources, the safety of members from the LGBT community is our highest priority and our greatest concern, and we will do our best to provide support to victims of domestic violence.

For Enquiries: info@rainbowhk.org
Emergency Hotline: +852-81081069, +852-61444454, +852-97914641

Legal Support

In the conservative society of Hong Kong, discrimination takes many forms.
If you experience unfairness, intimidation, coercion, extortion, being blackmailed or if you encounter a police matter related to your sexual identity or activity, you might consider contacting us.

We will do our best to provide you with support, both emotional and practical. If and when needed, we can recommend LGBT friendly lawyers.
Always remember, when dealing with the police, you have the right to remain silent and to refuse writing and signing a confession.
For Enquiries: info@rainbowhk.org
Emergency Hotline: +852-81081069, +852-61444454, +852-97914641